EZDataBrowser is software to help user to browse and to edit SQL Server database easily

Browse and edit SQL Server databases easily without writing SQL statements

EZDataBrowser is software from Softimum Solutions to help users to browse and to edit SQL Server databases quickly and easily. It is based on a built-in SQL statement generator so users do not need to have any SQL knowledge. That makes it the ideal application to give access to your data for any user in your organization.

Also, its ability to filter the data on any column, to select the data you want to download, to do sums and averages on any computable columns and to export to Excel, make it the ideal tool for departments like marketing or sales.

Users just have to start the application, to connect to the database and they are ready to browse and edit the data!

From EZDataBrowser you can:

- Browse and edit your data easily without writing SQL statements;

- Download data from referenced tables;

- Make sums or averages on any computable columns;

- Filter your data on the opened table or tables referenced by;

- Configure your forms with filters, data to download, sums, average and the save the configuration for the next time.

Developer and programmer but also any users that need to access SQL Server data easily but does not has any SQL knowledge.




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